1. Can I utilise our private health and medicare rebate?

Yes! That is one of the benefits of accessing our program. Being registered therapists with Medicare and private health providers means your child will be eligible to claim rebates dependent on your level of cover. Please contact us to discuss further.

2. Do you provide individual intervention?

We do not provide individual intervention in this program. Each session has been designed to support typical development in speech and language and motor skills. If we feel your child would benefit from speech therapy or occupational therapy in a more intensive setting we will discuss this with you.

3. My child is already enrolled at a pre-kindy can they still come to you?

Yes! Our program is intended to support your child’s growth and potential, so they can most definitely attend both our session and a pre kindy session.

4. Do I have to stay with my child?

Your child attends the session independently. However we encourage you to stay until both you and your child are comfortable. We can assist in planning for any concerns regarding separation.

5. How many children are in the groups?

A maximum of 15 children per session.

6. Who runs the sessions?

Occupational therapist – Melissa Dove, Speech pathologist – Anthea Martin

7. How long are the sessions?

Morning and/or afternoon sessions are available. Sessions run for 2 hours and 45 minutes and are conducted weekly, for the duration of the school term. Our 2015 year, commences on WEDNESDAY 11TH FEBRUARY.

Together we will ensure your child is ready for a successful start to school.

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